About Us

We are a nationwide manufactures representative firm focused strictly on the commercial and military Aerospace market. Our team is comprised of the highest level Aerospace professionals and industry leaders that bring experience, knowledge and deep relationships. Our consortium of professionals are essential team members to our client bringing their technology to the market place through our relationships in the industry.

The ATI team is dedicated to providing OEM's, Tier 1, and Tier 2 manufactures with the cutting edge technology, providing direct face-to-face interactions in support of our customer and clients business.

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  • Cockpit Controls

  • Displays

  • Electrical Systems and Generation Systems

  • Wireing Harness and Connectors​

  • Software Serices​

  • Emergency Locator Transponders​

  • Electronic Components​

  • Board Level Contract Manufacturing​

  • Value added Manufacturing and Design

  • Capacitors and Magnetics​

  • High Power Denisty Power Supplies