About Us

ATI is our People

Our team is our value, as a focused nationwide manufactures representative group, our sole mission is to grow our clients business. Through our years of experience focused on the Aerospace Market, our multi point contact approach puts boots on the ground for the products we represent and pushes our clients products to the forefront of our industry.

ATI started in 1996 as a one man organization working with 5 clients in the New England region of the US, we currently have over 15 field application engineers and cover the entire United States.

Our Management Team


Jamie Lecker

Jamie has spent his entire career in Aerospace, as an accomplished private pilot Jamie has a tremendous passion for the industry and keen perspective as a pilot that allows him to be a true resource to the OEM's when it comes to design and function in the cockpit. In addition to his personnel flight experience, he has worked in all aspects of the business, design, program management, strategic pursuits, system and component sales.

Masters of Business Administration from the University of Washington

Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and Management from Ithaca College

Member of the National Business Aircraft Association King Air Technical Committee. 

Multi-engine Instrument rated pilot and holds a RA390 Type Rating

Mike Phillips

Mike has spent 30 years in Aerospace, his first job out of college was selling cockpit components in the industry. Mike has spent a career educating the industry on HMI products with an expertise in lighting. Mike has held high level positions for two prominent Aerospace manufactures, and joined ATI in 2009. As president, Mike spends a majority of his time quarterbacking and mentoring our field sales people and working with clients to strategically plan our market approach.

B.S. Business Southwest Missouri State University

Peter Fakhry

Pete started in Aerospace working for a small business as a sales manager for an aircraft power company. An expert in aircraft power systems and system integration, Pete has spent a career influencing OEMs and completion centers on solution. In addition Pete held management roles with aircraft battery companies and with an industry leader in Aircraft lighting .

B.S. CHe- New Jersey Institute of Technology