Communications, Controls & Displays 

American Avionic Technologies Corporation (AATC)
Cockpit Displays and Controls — Flight Control Boxes — Mission Data Processors — Communications Equipment — Power Conversion — Specialists in High-Density Vita-64 Compliant AC-DC, DC-DC Power Supplies


CDA Intercorp
High Power Density, Wide Temperature Range Brushless DC Motors — Actuators — Current Dampers — Resolvers — Frameless Motors — Motor Controllers —  Transducers 

Esterline Communication and Control Systems

AVISTA Services
Full-Cycle Software Service — Do178/Do254 Coding Support, Verification, Validation, and FAA Documentation Services — Specialists in Project Management, Systems Engineering, Software Design and Development 

BVR Technologies
Data Concentrator Units — Remote Processor Units — Programmable I/O — Analog to Digital Signal Conversion — Motor Controllers and Actuators — Gear Products — Rotation Sensors — Avionics — Flight Instruments

Korry Electronics Co. 
Integrated Cockpit Control Assemblies — Switches and Indicators — Ruggedized Displays — Lighted Panels — Nightshield® Filters — Knobs — Keyboards

Mason Electric Co. 
Control Grips — Wheels — Flight Grips — Throttle Grips — Cockpit Controls — Switches — Transducers — Headsets and Microphones — Helmets and Accessories — Amplifiers and Adaptors — Switch and Cable Assemblies/Switch Cases — Communication Interfaces and Airborne Searchlights

Palomar Products
Secure Interphone Communication Systems: Airborne, Shipboard, Network, Headsets, Handsets and Microphones — Avionics — Tempest Level Multi-Layered Security

Whelen Engineering  
LED Light Assemblies: Taxi/Landing — Recognition/Landing — Wing Tip Recognition — Ice Detection — Anti-Collision/Position — Flasher Assemblies — Quartz Halogen PAR Lamps — Tail

Electrical Power Systems & Components


Acme Aerospace

Main Aircraft and Auxiliary Power Aircraft Battery Systems using Fibrouse Nickel Cadmium Sealed Cell Batteries — Integrate Lithium Ion Battery Systems — Low Maintenance Vented Battery Systems — Battery Backups — Battery Chargers — Battery Test/Charge Equipment


Avionic Instruments, Inc.

Primary and Secondary Power Conversation and Distribution — Static Inverters — Frequency Converters — Transformer Rectifiers — Regulated Transformer Rectifier Units — DC-DC Light Dimmers — Electronic Power Distribution — Solid State Power Control

Skurka Aerospace, Inc.

Specialized AC and DC Electric Motors — Aircraft DC Generators — Fans — Blowers — Speed Transducers — Speed Tachometers

Esterline Power Systems 

Relays  —  Circuit Breakers  — Power Distribution Unit  — Custom Solutions

Wire, Interconnect, Shielding & RF Microwave Components

Ulti-Mate Connector, Inc.

Micro Combo Connectors — Nano Circuit Series Contacts — Microminiature Connector Keying — Custom Cable Assemblies

Inhand Electronics

Designs and manufactures embedded circuit boards and custom devices for original equipment manufacturers with unique product requirements.


Engineered flat cable and harness solutions using proprietary molding techniques and molding material  Flexx-Sil™. Cables rated from -65 C to 260 C, ultra flexible, harsh environment, dynamic flexing, space saving designs. Click on the link to  visit the custom cable configuration